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Hilfe Grosses BallKleid ?

16. Februar 2005 um 20:43 Letzte Antwort: 16. Februar 2005 um 21:02

Sorry I read German but don't write this language very well - so I post in english and hope you will read!
Question : what attire may i wear for attending a formal Ball ???
For my job, I am invited to the First release of a New Great 'Viennese' Ball in a country of Central Europa (new ECC), next spring.It will take place in an old palace.I am aware that I must indeed wear some evening dress, but what exactly is the recommanded attire to be "in" as a guest of honour to this affair? The english written) program tells : The 1st xxx Ball is a very formal affair, white tie Ladies may wear a full ball attire. What is this "FULL ball attire" required ??? thanks to everyone ! Lauriane 29y old French woman.

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16. Februar 2005 um 21:02

Full ball attire
This means that you'll have to wear a ball-dress with high heels and a small clutch. The cleaner the cut of your ball-dress the more jewels you can put on. Surf the internet and check out the stuff people are wearing at the 'Wiener Opernball', since it's the same called for attire!
Have fun choosing!

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